EMCs-A Smart Investment, Manufactured by HCI Led

VR Custom Graphics is partnered with HCI Led to bring you Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) built in Indiana with the ability to install them all over the US. They are one of the best marketing tools you can have in your arsenal today. If used correctly, an EMC has a proven ROI in 12-18 months. According to the United States Small Business Administration, owners of an EMC usually see a 15-150% increase in business. The SBA discovered that the cost per thousand exposures using an EMC is less than $0.15! Compared to a television ad, which costs on average about $6.26 per 1000 exposures, the advantage of an EMC is clear.

Get Your Message Out

But EMCs are not just useful for businesses. Many community organizations such as schools and churches can benefit greatly from an EMC. You can send as many messages as you want with ease and change the sign often without the labor or potential danger of changing a more traditional sign. EMCs offer visibility of your message any time of day, and can respond to changes in lighting automatically. You can even program your sign to display different messages at different times of day. For example, in the evening, you can remind passing drivers to turn on headlights, or warn drivers that children may be walking to school in the mornings. The possibilities of an EMC are truly endless.

EMC 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Now that you know what an EMC can do for your business, let us tell you how VR Custom Graphics can help. If you call us and purchase or lease an EMC manufactured by HCI Led, and it doesn’t get the results you want, HCI Led will remove it for free and buy it back from you. That’s how confident we are that an EMC from HCI Led will boost your business. HCI Led also offers a 5 year parts and labor warranty for no extra cost. Some competitors offer a parts warranty, but because they care about building a relationship with customers, they include the labor warranty too.

Display Your Message Safely

EMCs help your message get across faster than a traditional sign. Someone driving by your sign only has a few seconds to safely read it, so every second counts. EMCs make your sign stand out because they are moving, illuminated, and can still be seen clearly at night or in poor weather conditions. They can also provide more information because you can display multiple signs instead of just one.

Greater Flexibility

You never have to worry about your advertising or messaging getting stale with an EMC. It’s easy to change your art or copy displayed, and you can add new messages at any time. You are also the owner of the advertising. You don’t need to rely on another organization to get your message out with an EMC. With all the flexibility an EMC offers, it is a great recruiting tool and can also educate your prospects on what your company or organization has to offer.

Financing Options

Your EMC can be financed. A standard lease package requires a small down payment. Once up and running, you will have 60 equal monthly payments with a $1.00 buyout at the end and it’s yours! There are also other financing options available. We pride ourselves on making business solutions simple, so call VR Custom Graphics today to learn more about how you can finance a new EMC for your business.


If using an EMC seems intimidating, don’t worry, VR Custom Graphics is here to help. An EMC is essentially just a computer with a very large screen. Every EMC comes with a laptop that communicates with your EMC. It is already loaded with the software to use to change and schedule content for your sign. It’s as simple as that! When your new EMC is installed, HCI Led will set up a training session to ensure you know how to use it. HCI Led also offers 24/7 technical support, so if you have any problems with your EMC, they will be on hand to help. They also offer a 5 year parts and labor warranty, so if anything happens to your EMC, your covered.

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